jeudi 11 novembre 2010

mural art book

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  1. Frederic Gracia is a French artist born in Paris in 1959 .

    Since about twenty years, after a short passage as decorator in the Club Med Hotels and some illustrations in graphic advertising conception studio, commands succeed one another and become little by little head for an artistic sector rather bearing in the nineties, in the epoch of time: monumental painting or murals.

    Between trips all azimuth across the world, from giants trompe l'oeil to huges hyperrealistics murals, Frederic Gracia chains spéctaculaires realization which are going to contribute to become known such participation to the execution of the biggest mural of Europe on the tower of cooling at the Cruas's nuclear power station in the Rhône Valley , also in 1995 a very realistic visual represented the european space rocket Ariane 5 presented between the 2nd and the 3rd floor of Eiffel Tower but also, and especially, thanks to its very particular artist-roper know-how .

    Artist-roper? It is about a concept of execution which avoids, by economizing with help to ropes, the expensive costs of scaffolding and other installation of crane. It combines technical databases abseiling caving, mountaineering and some idea of performance art.

    A certain very own pictorial style also helps it in its recognition in restrain group of muralists painters, not only in France but also in United States (author of several murals in California and in center of New York).

    His desire to create does not stop there, Frederic Gracia has regularly works more personal and accomplished exhibiting in various galleries and exhibitions of paintings.

    This can be seen in 2000 at the Millennium World Competition organized by Winsor & Newton. Frederic Gracia will be selected as one of five prize-winners representing France. His painting Blue world is presented at the United Nations headquarters in New York during summer, 2000.

    His work, clearly oriented to imaginary hyperrealism, approaches so eclectic topics as the underwater depths or volcanoes, studies and researches on fluorescent colour, drops of water on bottom of lunar ground, and of course compositions on the theme of Space or Exploration of the World...